First Aid Box

$29.95 +GST

Brilliant marketing for any industry. This item can even be ‘resold’ by a General Practice! A simple box (available in blue or red) fitted with your label (in any shape or size), filled with a common household first aid pack.

Contents include: 25 adhesive strips, conforming bandage, non-adherent dressing, triangular bandage, eye pads, antiseptic wipe, antiseptic alcohol wipe, iodine swabs, gloves, safety pins, scissors, splinter probe, forceps, tape and emergency first aid information booklet.

First Aid Box
Ordering Information

  • Our First Aid Thank You Boxes are sold in cartons containing 14 First Air Boxes.
  • Minimum order quantity is 2 cartons (28 Thank You Boxes). This can be increased by multiples of 1 carton (14 Thank You Boxes).

Placing Your Order
NEW CUSTOMERS: A box label can be designed for you – free of charge! However, if you prefer to supply your own label, specifications will be provided.

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